Monday, January 3, 2011

Sayonara, Brett Favre!

Let me first say that I used to be on "Team Favre" whole-heartily.  Outside of my "any player from my beloved Tampa Bay Buccaneers" love affair, Brett Favre was the man.  He was a risk-taking gunslinger who was always an entertaining sound bite.  He was an everyday kind of guy - I mean he wore Wrangler jeans!

However, I bored quickly of the retired/not retired distractions, and the drama that followed.  But it's not all his fault. Some of the frustration stemmed from the tireless commotion created by the diabolical media outlets.  It's kinda like Lebron's "The Decision" where he announced he was leaving Cleveland for sunnier Miami.  Lebron's fiasco only lasted a couple of days though, whereas Brett's drama overtook several complete summers.

 I would say that if he was honest, he would share that he would not have returned this year - 19 interceptions and 22 sacks vs. only 11 touchdowns, plus the whole Jenn Sterger scandal didn't help his image with the public.  As amazing as his 2009 season was (33 touchdowns vs. 7 interceptions, with a trip to the NFC Championship game), 2010 was not.

Looking forward, which Brett will the fans remember?  The fun, wreckless gunslinger, or the old man who couldn't walk away from his passion?  In 5 years, when Canton is calling, I believe the memories will mostly be warm and fuzzy.  I still see him in his Packers uniform, taking the Lambeau leap after scrambling for another game winner.        

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