Friday, August 27, 2010

My Sacrifice/Hero

Tonight is the concert I've been waiting to come around for a while now - Creed along with Skillet.  I've been a Creed fan for years - they were a local band from back home in Orlando as they were making it big.  I worked with someone who was good friends with the band, and she introduced me to their music.  As a band they blew up big, blew up, and are putting the pieces back together quite nicely. 

Skillet has been around for as long as Creed (about 15 years), but are recently garnering mainstream national attention.  They are a Grammy nominated and Dove award winning band fronted by a married couple.  You can hear their music on the local hard rock station, on ABC for college football, as well as the World Wrestling Entertainment venues. 

Both bands include Jesus followers who chose to play relevant music vs. focusing on just the Christian crowd.  Creed has been called a Christian band due to some of their lyrics, but they chose to be a band of Christians.  Skillet makes no apologies about being a Christian band, having a loyal following chasing each and every move they make. 

My favorite song from Creed has to be My Sacrifice, while Hero is my fav from Skillet.  Listen to them here and here.  Enjoy your Friday folks.

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  1. Arms Wide Open is my favorite. Enjoy!