Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last night Becky and I had a friend over to the house for dinner. While we were dining we streamed Pandora through the surround sound. The particular channel we were listening to is my wife's channel, aptly called Becky's Happy Music, with upbeat tunes from mainly the early to mid 1990's (think Mmmbop, Hootie, BackStreet Boys, NSync, etc.) These were songs that each of us knew and loved and we had a blast listening to some great older tunes.

I thoroughly enjoy how a particular song can take me back to a specific time in my life. I have plenty of songs that take me to a place in my past, and generally invoke fond memories. For me, one such song that takes me back is Wipeout.

In 1987 the Beach Boys joined the Fat Boys to collaborate on a hit (it was a hit - on Billboard it reached #12 and #10 on the R&B chart) song named Wipeout. Watch the video here. This song has it all - a familiar tune, great beats, a funny video - this is one of my jams!

I still remember discovering this song for the first time. I believe it was my sophomore year of college, at Pizza Hut for dinner with most of the guys - Paul, Scott, Travis, Neal and Korey and maybe a few others. And at this Pizza Hut they had a jukebox, and on this jukebox was this song Wipeout. I still remember playing it, and playing it like a billion times in a row because I enjoyed it so much.

Oh the memories that flood back from those days at college. And every now and then a song like Wipeout takes me back to some great memories with some amazing people.

So my question to you - what song do you enjoy that takes you back?

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