Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spiritual Gifts

This Sunday we at the Journey Church will begin wrapping up our series on spiritual.  It has been a tremendous time of self discovery for those who are just beginning to explore or define their God-given gifts to be used in His service. 
It’s also been interesting for me to re-evaluate my particular gifts and to see the growth and changes that have taken place in my own life since I originally took this evaluation a couple of years ago.  For so long I had heard “fix your weaknesses, fix your weaknesses.”  It wasn’t until recently that I heard “focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses.” What a concept!   
I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to be working in areas where you are not gifted.  For example, I know I have no place working with babies in the nursery.  That is an entire set of personality traits and abilities that I do not possess.  For some people, though – this is the holy grail of ministry. 
Both Pastor Keith and I have enjoyed having people verbalizing their gifts to us.  There’s nothing cooler than having someone share what their gifts are, and seeing that person live clearly in that skill set.  If you would like to receive a free copy of our spiritual gifts inventory worksheet just drop me a message here.  I'll make sure you get a copy, and it will help you have a better understanding as to the gifts God has entrusted to you.  

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