Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day is tomorrow - No more ads!!!!!

Unless you've just returned from the moon (wait - didn't someone just tweet from space? - there must be internet access up there too), you know that tomorrow is Election Day.  There is no way you could have missed all of the mailers, the signs, the commercials, the advertisements describing in detail why one candidate is the best choice for their particular office.  Tomorrow is the day where all the wrongs from the previous elections will be righted, where new candidates will make all kinds of crazy improvements to the system, etc. etc. etc. I personally look forward to the days after Election Day where commercials go back to just being about cars and medicines and not smearing those running for office, a time where our landscape returns to fall colors and not political signage.

Regardless of which candidate you support, or which party you are loyal to, I do ask that you consider candidates based on their beliefs and views vs. whether they wear a donkey or an elephant badge on their jacket. Maybe - gasp! - they aren't even part of the Democratic or Republican parties!  (Yes, it's ok to think outside the box).  If you are planning to vote, then do your homework.  Your Sunday newspaper (that dirty printed paper you use to pack the forthcoming Christmas packages to mail to far away friends and relatives) should have enough information regarding the major stands of each candidate running.  You can also utilize technology to help you cast an informed vote tomorrow.

Remember that we as believers serve a Mighty and Powerful King.  One day He will return and set up His kingdom.  Until then, He commands us to respect those who are in authority here on earth - whether we approve of their policies or not (1 Peter 2:13-14).  In fact, Romans 13 tells us that God has placed leaders to serve Him as His servants.  Scandalous, I know.  You might not agree with each and every person in authority, but they are there because God placed them there.  Please leave the hate and disrespect behind. 

I serve a risen King who transcends political and religious affiliations!  How about you?      


  1. Thank you for your words as always Bruce - well stated, and finally, no more ads!!

    BTW - GREAT message Sunday on worship! Hearing you speak and tell stories reminded me of the times we would lie awake in our dorm room and Korey or I would ask you, "Bruce, tell us a story about when you were in 'Nam..." haha, good times!

  2. wow Traveller - haven't thought about my 'Nam stories in a long time. good times going to sleep listening to the Phantom.

    i enjoyed your interview on the radio this am - great venue for who needs what we have to share.