Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Create vs. Consume?

After 36 years now, I've come to realize that I'm not a very artistic person.  I am greatly limited in my abilities to draw, or paint, or create music, etc.  In fact, this accompanying picture is a sketch entitled Dinosaur Jumping on a Trampoline.  Granted, I was under the time constraints of the game Telephone Pictionary, but I believe my boss has art from his young son decorating his office wall that makes my work pale in comparison. 

However, thus far, I have not tried to develop any creative abilities.  I've not taken a class on photography, read a book on drawaing, or even approached my uber-artistic wife to teach me something inventive.  For most of the previous 36+ years of my life, I've been ok with my limitations. 

I have been a consumer of creativity.  I constantly have music blaring.  I am really hitting my stride as a reader And even  take my wife to an art museum and had a blast enjoying individual creative endeavours. I adore learning new and exciting things, which include actively learning more about the One who loves me unconditionally.   
I just think that if our heavenly Father is the Master Artist who created everything that we see and appreciate, and I am created in His likeness, then there's gotta be some untapped vein of artistic ability in me.  I want to be more than just a consumer - I want to be a creator too.

So I am now on a quest to find that vein.  I want to improve and broaden my creative talents.  Part of the reason of why I blog is to become a better purveyor of stories and ideas.  Obviously, it's a work in progress, but I am enjoying it more as time progresses (hope you are too).

My question to you - What's your artistic release, and what would you recommend for me to explore creativily as a novice?


  1. I think you should try contemporary dance... :)

    Honestly, I think you could do just about anything. I don't see you breaking out the embroidery, but try sketching. It's therapeutic, and it doesn't have to look good. Or book binding? Collage making? Sculpting? Write a screenplay? A poem? What sorts of artsy things interest you? What sorts of things definitely do not interest you?

  2. write.

    you have a lot to say, not many words, but a lot to say. that is quite unusual really.

    above all, follow your heart. the one who created it has put much there only to have you pour it out on everyone around you.