Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why should you "Be on My Team"?

I must be honest up front - I'm watching the tv show A-Team via Netflix while I'm composing this blog.  I remember it being this amazing show I loved as a youngster back in the day, and my recent curiosity was peaked when the new movie was released this year.  Yes, it's a bit cheesy, but the tv show is still fun to watch. Who was your favorite character?  You've gotta love Howling Mad Murdock, my personal fav!

On a slightly related note (stick with me here), my wife Becky and I are currently conducting pre-marital counseling for two different couples.  One of the couples is about my age (I'm 36 years old), while the other couple includes one of the seniors from our college ministry.  The couples share many similarities, yet each are unique.  One of the couples is just starting off, while the other couple has over a decade's worth of additional life's adventures.

During the time we spend with each couple, we share what God thinks about marriage, the roles of the husband and the woman, as well as discuss issues that could come up at some point.  One of the phrases Becky and I use is "Be on My Team"  (Team - there's the subtle A-Team tie-in).  It refers to both of us being united - one mind, one body, one voice.

Becky and I don't always have to agree - in fact, there are times we are exact opposites in thought.  But to those around us, we are united.  No one needs to know that we don't agree - it's our private business.  Couples can get into trouble when they start bringing other people into their squabbles.  It's easy for a partner to forgive another; it can be much harder for a spouse's best friend or family member to forgive and forget.

This phrase doesn't just apply to marital or dating relationships.  Think of how much better life would be if coworkers were on each others team vs. stepping on each other, trying to get ahead.  Or what about a group of friends?  Or church members?

What would the world look like if we we all on the same team - His team?

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