Thursday, August 11, 2011

13 Early Morning Random Thoughts

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons
1)      Never go for a jog in the neighborhood on trash day during the summer heat.  Nasty!  Also, stop fueling up with Cookie Crisp and milk on such days.   
2)      I sure enjoy summertime, heat and all.  Nothing beats being outdoors and getting your sweat on in the warmth of the sun.  Nothing, that is, unless it’s DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince rapping about it – you’re welcome.
3)      New rule in the Crews household – less TV, more reading.  My goal is at least 2 books per week right now, up from 1 per week. 
4)      I just finished the WAR of ART: Break through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield.  Absolutely amazing work by a great author.  His goal is simple – to help the reader overcome resistance to the creative process.  If you are an artist, a scribe, one who thinks creatively – I highly recommend it.  
5)      Speaking of reading, my devotions are taking me into the depths of the gospels right now.  I’m reading a parallel passage of the four gospel stories combined chronologically, and it’s dramatically enlightening.
6)      I’ve come to realize that when I blog, as well as when I preach, I don’t come across as funny as I think I am.  Hmm.  Sarcasm is sometimes hard to translate into text, and that's a shame.  I'm quite fluent.
7)      Why must YouTube sneak in 2 minute long commercials when I am listening to my playlist?  I should just stick to Pandora.
8)      How is it that my wife Becky and I graduated from college over 15 years ago?  We still swear that we're in our twenties (insert your own sarcasm here).
9)      I constantly see God smiling at me – partly because I’m looking for Him, mostly because He's so Gracious.  What about you?
10)   I know God has amazingly incredible plans for my church this fall.   
11)   I’m getting pumped up for football season to get started.  Nowadays I think the NFL is more enjoyable than college, but it’s pretty close.  What’s your preference?  Go Seminoles and Buccaneers!   
12)   That last line could get me tarred and feathered here in central North Carolina.  I like living on the edge.
13) Adele has one of the most beautiful voices out there right now.  Listen to her here.

Ok – enough rambling from me for today.  What's something zany that you have to share?

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