Monday, August 1, 2011

31 Days To A Wiser You: A Study In Proverbs - The Wrap

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Well, we've done it.  Together we have read, blogged through, commented on, conversed about, and thoroughly examined the book of Proverbs.  We've read all 31 chapters, totaling 915 verses, during the month of July.   For me it's been a wonderful time of diving into the greatest book of wisdom, and I am so thankful for each of you who participated along the way.  I've applied and rediscovered many practical applications for every day life, and hope you have too.  Yesterday I had the privilege of preaching, and spoke about the fear of the LORD and how in our lives it enables us to gain knowledge and wisdom.  You can listen to the message from July 31 titled 31 Days of Proverbs - The Ultimate Pursuit of Wisdom by clicking here.

Here's a list of each day and a direct link to the blog from that day.  If you missed a day, feel free to click and check it out.

Introduction - An introduction into Proverbs
Proverbs 1 - The numerous benefits of wisdom
Proverbs 2 - 31 chapters with no contradictions
Proverbs 3 - 6 amazing benefits of utilizing God's wisdom
Proverbs 4 - The value of setting goals
Proverbs 5 - 5 ramifications of sexual sin
Proverbs 6 - Living a life worthy of being a Christian
Proverbs 7 - Solomon warns against porn
Proverbs 8 - The value of the Scriptures
Proverbs 9 - Thou shalt not vs. Thou shalt
Proverbs 10- 7 Benefits of righteous living 
Proverbs 11- 9 Principles of dealing with money
Proverbs 12- A call to simplicity
Proverbs 13- What do you do 6,000-8,000 times a day?
Proverbs 14- Sticks and stones hurt, and so can words!
Proverbs 15- 4 keys for not saying something stupid in the heat of the moment
Proverbs 16- Solomon is playing the game Repeater
Proverbs 17- Is your happiness contagious?
Proverbs 18- 6 keys of friendship
Proverbs 19- Our actions have consequences
Proverbs 20- What's the last thing you promised God?
Proverbs 21- God's plan for you to get rich quick!
Proverbs 22- I'm talking to YOU!
Proverbs 23- We do not remember days, we remember moments. - Cesare Pavese
Proverbs 24- Did Solomon watch the movie Braveheart?
Proverbs 25- What are you creating that's worthy of being shared?
Proverbs 26- Don't answer fools, and be sure to answer the fools.
Proverbs 27- The value of your brutally honest friend
Proverbs 28- Oh the guilty conscience!
Proverbs 29- The value (gulp!) of discipline
Proverbs 30- Which is easier - always telling the truth or being content?
Proverbs 31- Who doesn't enjoy the underdog?  Help them out now.

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