Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Is a God Smile, and How Can I See More?

Photo from deswalsh via Flickr
Several years ago, my friend Stacy introduced me to the term "God smile."  Quite simply, a God smile is a picture, an event, maybe even a moment in time that you know God put in your life to make you aware of His love for you.   

Sometimes a God smile is something as small as seeing the first robin of spring.  Maybe it's a spectacular sunrise or sunset.  Maybe it's a day at work or in class that goes better than usual.  And these blessings are as individual in definition as the people God gives them to.  That's what makes them personal, just between us and God.

And God loves us so much (John 3:16 tells us that) that, even though we don't always see His smiles, He is constantly raining them down upon us. But why don't we always see them?

Personally, I often miss them because I'm simply not looking for them.  When I take my eyes off of Him, and put them on me, or on my circumstances, or on my life,  I often miss the blessings He places right in front of me.  How about you?

After reading this post, I would encourage you to reflect on today, on yesterday, on tomorrow, and be looking for God smiles.  They are everywhere - you just have to train your eyes to look for them.

Where has God smiled at you today?  I would love to hear about some of your God smiles.

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