Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be Still and Know

So this weekend Becky and I had great plans to spend a full day Saturday exploring Raleigh, getting to reconnect with some of our college students and explore a city that we've not yet visited. We had great plans - the Imax, the art museum, some geocaching, and eating at Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. We even had Scarlett lined up to swing by the house to look in on the pups so we could maximize our time over there.

Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Our minds were willing, but our bodies weren't. We are both exploring how to balance full time jobs and our time leading in our church body. For me, I love a busy schedule of doing things - of spending time with God, of investing in relationships, of planning and preparing whatever it is I am teaching on, etc. However I am still learning how to balance everything to remain effective.

Psalm 23 talks speaks about the Lord being our Shepherd. It goes on to explain all that He is doing for us. Verses 2-3a shares "He lets me rest in green meadows, He leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength."

So yesterday we were relatively still. We rested in green meadows, and strolled along peaceful streams. God even blessed us with the perfect weather for napping - stormy and cloudy. We did make a run to the farmers market, as well as Ed McKays for a couple of used cds and books. But for the most part we let both our minds and bodies relax.

It reminds me a song from back in the day - Steven Curtis Chapman's Be Still and Know. I've not listened to SCC in a while, but today this song was refreshing to me. Give it a listen here- may it be a blessing to you too.


  1. I'm THRILLED to see that you have a blog!!!! Look forward to reading your thoughts!

  2. It's tough to slow your role, even once in awhile. But I've found that since I have carved out moments in my day to be still (body / mind) that clarity is on the horizon. I say moments - because so far, they're just that (needing to increase in time, not there yet). Start small - I wait a couple minutes before pressing the 'up' button in the elevator for starters & a few deep breathing rhythms help, too. Let us know how it goes! (monika)