Sunday, July 4, 2010

It Is Well

So I really do enjoy a variety of music. I am all over the place, and constantly looking for new suggestions. Thanks to working with college students, I am not just stuck with my past music favs. Iron and Wine along with Arcade Fire are just two of the bands they have exposed me to. Of course, I try to share with them, but they can't seem to wrap their heads around hair bands (their loss).

So i was browsing around looking for music, and I found a worship cd from Kutless titled It is Well. Now, I'm very selective about praise and worship music, mainly cause I grew up jamming and not really listening to words. Yes, I can slow down and listen to the likes of Charlie Hall or Chris Tomlin, but generally for me music needs to rock. And although Christian artist have come along way since the 80's/90's (Petra anyone?), sadly some CCM bands lack musical talent. Not Kutless - they are phenomenal- and they can slow it down as well as rock out too! My personal favorite off of the album is the title track - It is Well. Here they have taken a classic hymn and modernized it. Give it a whirl and tell me what you think.

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