Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

This is a song that celebrates two of my favorite things - the love of my life Becky, and the weekend. I generally have this song and title as my status on Facebook on Fridays, cause it's just a fun song celebrating good times.

My wife and I met in college, the last semester of our senior year. I didn't really even know who she was, and barely talked to her in the one and only class we shared together. Which is weird - our college was a school of about 3,000 students at that time. How had our paths not crossed previously? She knew who I was - I was loud and obnoxious, with crazy hair. I kinda stood out back then. I sat next to her roommate Marlin in chapel (again and again I will reiterate that nothing happening is by chance or luck). If it were not for Marlin, we would have probably never connected. I thank God for you Marlin - being all pushy and bossing me to ask her out.

We only "dated" for 1 week while on campus, then we went our separate ways - her to Pennsylvania, and I returned to Orlando. This was back before the internet was created by Al Gore, so we spent copious amounts of time and money on long distance phone calls. And hand written letters. Oh, how many letters we wrote to each other (and still have tucked safely away). We really got to know each other through the distance - about 10 months total before she moved to Florida.

Now fast forward - it's been 14 years, 2 months and 1 week since our first official date. We've had a great deal of journeys, of most excellent times, and a few rough moments too. Along the way, she's been my best friend, my lover, my true love. I love you my Kadida- always have, always will.

And Fridays? Yeah - they are pretty sweet too. They are generally fun times, leading to a couple of days focused on relaxing, on fun, and on church. Oh, and plenty of time to spend with my bride Becky.

If you are not familiar with this song, or want to hear it again, listen here. In case you haven't picked on my theme yet, each title of my blog (other than my introduction) is a name of a song that I enjoy. For me, I can generally find a song to express whatever I am thinking or feeling. Enjoy!

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